The Canterbury Master Plasterers and Tilers Association (CMPTA) has been maintaining the highest  professional standards for plasterers and tilers in the Canterbury region for almost 120 years!

CMPTA is not open to all plasterers and tilers. Members are only invited to join if they meet our stringent standards. This means that when clients use a CMPTA member they know they are getting workmanship of the highest possible standard.

Our membership comes primarily from Canterbury, but we also have members from the upper South Island area and the West Coast.

Professional Support

CMPTA also provides ongoing professional support for members. We host regular talks by professional groups who can help members improve their business model, such as the IRD, insurance specialists and legal professionals.

Our regular meetings, held 4 times a year, provide a chance to network with other tilers and plasterers and to share ideas.

Complaints Procedure

Anyone using the services of a CMPTA member is covered by the CMPTA complaints procedure. If there are any problems with workmanship or any other issues with one of our members, we will investigate and attempt to put it right.

Our complaints procedure not only provides assurance for clients, but also for our members, and is part of our commitment to maintaining high professional standards.

CMPTA logos

Members of CMPTA can use our logo on all their signage, invoices, quotes, vans and websites. Members of the public will then know instantly that they are using a tiler or plasterer who meets the high standards of CMPTA.